Are you feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, confused or dissatisfied?

Consistently feeling not good enough, insecure, at times ashamed or caught up in self-criticism and judgment?

Are you experiencing major life transitions or relationship conflicts?

Challenges consistently arise and yes, it is possible to have inner peace amidst life’s losses, conflicts or relational issues. You can develop the inner strength to adapt to stressful events and live with greater balance and integrity.

If you want to accomplish meaningful transformations in your life, I offer individual psychotherapy and group programs that use effective, evidence-based strategies to help reduce depression, anxiety, stress, relationship distress, or manage major life transitions. Experienced in mindfulness practices and related stress reduction skills, I will assist you to overcome these challenges so that you can reconnect to your inherent strengths and live with greater confidence, satisfaction and meaning.

Psychotherapy: I will work with you to…

  • Undo self-limiting beliefs and transform negative self-attitudes into positive self-worth and health
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Develop more positive, connected and satisfying relationships
  • Implement more effective anxiety and stress management strategies
  • Create powerful and long lasting changes so that you can live a life that is more satisfying and personally meaningful.

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy can help you change your attitude to your experience and your relationship to your emotions. Greater self-compassion will transform your relationship to yourself, heal emotional wounds and undo feelings of inadequacy or shame.

Getting results and achieving change means working with your brain. Neuroplasticity – neuroscience matters: mental activity changes the brain’s neural structure and you can change your brain for the better. Mindfulness practices make a difference. As you train your mind in greater awareness, you can shift your habitual patterns, change your brain’s understandable alertness and bias towards negative stimuli and reduce how your mind creates further suffering.

Do you wish to reduce stress and live mindfully with greater confidence, self-appreciation, acceptance and meaning?

Programs: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR, is an internationally recognized and extensively researched program for stress reduction. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, MBCT, is an approach to preventing depression relapse that uses mindfulness as a component of psychological treatment. The MBSR and MBCT group programs I offer are modelled on the Stress Reduction Clinic at UMMS and I have qualified to teach the MBSR program.